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its_always_better_after_yoga_mens_tshirtFor many years, after my yoga classes when students would say how great they feel, I have usually replied “It’s always better after yoga!” And we have laughed about how I should make that slogan into a t-shirt! Well, this year, I finally made one for the holidays!

Roseanne Harvey invited me to include my Yoga for Arthritis DVD in the new Holiday Gift Guide on her wonderful blog called “It’s All Yoga Baby”, so, my webmaster and friend, Garret, suggested I also create a new holiday t-shirt to offer with a discounted DVD! So, I did. To visit Roseanne’s blog, which I recommend, go to

Many of you probably aren’t aware that I used to be known as the “yoga t-shirt lady”! I had a line of Shoosh Designs yoga poses that I used to sell in the Yoga Journal in the 1980’s, when no one else had any yoga clothing. My most popular design was my Sun Exercises design with my trademark stick figures. I sold this design to yoga fans all over this and other countries! I made many yoga friends as a result of selling these shirts because I would make sure to look up any yogis who had purchased them when I happened to be going to their towns. I even learned of people who became friends when one was wearing one of my designs and the other recognized it because they had the same design! A little world of Shoosh Designs yogis!

And, now I have brought them back on Café Press as Designs by Shoosh. You can visit this site from the Home page of my website and click on the link. My new holiday t-shirt is available there.

The graphics on the design are brush-stroke poses that I created in a series a while ago, so I took 3 of these poses, Triangle, Boat and Trees, and reduced them in size to create this new design. I personally do not like “Christmas-y” stuff, so instead of being too obvious, I simply added red and green to part of the type. Hopefully, people will enjoy this for the holidays, but also not feel silly wearing it any time! And, of course you can see my Sun Exercises design there as well as the Dancer, Triangle and Warrior pose designs. For these other designs, Café Press offers choices for placement on more than just t-shirts so you can choose to place my graphics on mugs, sweatshirts, baby clothes, iPad covers, etc. Check them all out!!!

I just realized that this is my last blog for 2014. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and will have a happy and healthy holiday season. And, that you don’t forget to keep doing your practice!! After all, it IS always better after yoga!

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