Salutations to the Sun

Throughout history, cultures have had a reverence for the sun, which continues today. As yoga students and teachers, we are certainly reminded daily through our Sun Exercises, or Surya Namaskar, of the power of the sun. Personally, I have always loved and appreciated the basic series as well as the growing sequences of variations. I include them in all of my classes, even those where the students are seated. (See my earlier blog on how to do my Seated Sun Exercises, 11/2013.)

I am traveling these days and in the Old Town of Zadar, Croatia, there is an artistic solar display aptly called “Salutation to the Sun.” It is colored glass above small solar panels in the cement of the sea wall area that is about 72 feet in diameter. It produces enough energy to light the harbor area around it! Tourists flock to see it and children play on the surface. At sunset, it glows. Everyone thinks about the sun, it’s power and beauty. Another modern ode to the sun.

Everywhere, even in this small Croatian town, I found a familiar place…

So, wherever you are, when watching a sunset or sunrise, when enjoying a beautiful sunny day, when moving through your Surya Namaskar series, take a moment to appreciate the power and smile and feel that bond with others who salute the sun.

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