I have been teaching yoga since 1974 and I like to focus on adaptations and subtleties. My yoga background covers many styles and over the years, I have created my own unique approach! Click on About Shoosh to learn more about me.  I hope this website offers some food for thought, and topics of discussion and growth. I always tell my students that yoga can help you to live more comfortably in your own body.  I hope this site helps you make yours more comfortable as you age!

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YOUTUBE VIDEOS: Click Here to view my 12-minute “Lymphatic Flow Yoga Seriesvideo. (Further details on how to do the poses in the video and why they were chosen are in my December 2013 blog.) Click Here to view my 7-minute “Yoga Seated Sun Exercisesvideo. (Further details on how to do the poses in the video are in my June 2015 blog.)

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Don’t miss Teagan, aged 7, in the bottom of the photo in a nice wheel/backbend pose wearing a Sun Exercise baseball tee! Her mom has a Sun Exercise Sweatshirt and is working on her Tree pose. Kaeden, aged 11 (but almost 6′ tall!) is wearing the same design as his dad. His dad, in the back, is a martial arts expert and runs a martial arts studio, so of course I gave them Warrior designs!! I LOVE this photo!!! Thanks guys!